Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kheeri - Rice Porridge

Odiyas' are known for their sweet tooth. No festival, marriage or celebration in Odisha is complete without Kheeri.No matter how elaborate the menu is, it has to end with a bowl of hot Kheeri. My mother and grandmother used to prepare this dessert often ......... I guess that was an easy and smart way to feed cranky kids like me with some good amount of milk and rice !!
As I start writing this recipe, I can feel the sweet aroma of this dessert coming from my mom's kitchen.
Preparation Time - 60 minutes
Serves - 6
Basmati Rice - 1/3 Cup
Whole Milk - 2 litres
Cardamon - 4
Sugar - 1 cup
Salt - 1 pinch
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Bay Leaves - 2
Dry fruits for garnishing
Method of Preparation
1 Wash rice and spread on a paper towel to dry
2 In a thick bottom vessel (I use a pressure cooker),put ghee and Bay leaves. Add rice and stir for a minute.
3 Add all the milk to the rice.
4 Crush the cardamons and add to the milk. Also add sugar now.
5 Keep the vessel on medium heat. You will have to stir the milk at short regular intervals. Else the milk may stick to the bottom or get burnt.
6 When the rice softens and the milk becomes thick in consistency, switch off your stove.
7. Add a pinch of salt and stir well.

Garnish with dry fruits and serve.
Serving Tips
Serve chilled.
Kheer tastes best when cooked over medium heat. It allows all the flavor and aroma to infuse within each other. Make sure you stir the milk often, else the rice may stick to the bottom of the vessel and get burnt.
You may add condensed milk once the rice is thoroughly cooked. It increases the consistency and makes it more rich.
Instead of Cardamons you may use keshar as well for flavor. Rose water may also be used.
Other Names
Ghee - Clarified Butter,Bay Leaves - Tej Patta


Sulagna Mukherjee Basu said...
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Sulagna Mukherjee Basu said...

Yummmyyyy !! I've a sweet tooth as big as Mt.Everest ...

Satrupa said...

I bet Sulagna ........ no one can beat bongs n odiya's in that :)

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