Friday, July 2, 2010

Mango Milk Shake

Did you raise an eyebrow reading the title of this blog ? Thanks, but with the mercury shooting up, I wanted a break from the kitchen. I am sure many of you also think alike. More over I have penned some recipe of my not so favorite fruit Banana, so it would be unjust not to mention anything about my favorite one - Mango. So break free from the daily monotonous life and replace your evening tea/coffee with this chilled drink. Enjoy the cool breeze, stretch your legs and smell the flowers and the grass with my favorite drink !
Preparation Time - 10 minutes
Serves - 3
Ripe Mango Pulp - 1.5 cups
Chilled Milk - 1 glass
Sugar - 3 tsp
Method of Preparation
1 Take about 2 sweet mangoes. Peel it and separate the pulp (or dice the mangoes).
2 Mix mango pulp, milk and sugar and grind in a Grinder/ Food Processor to make a smooth mixture.
3 Mango milk shake is ready.
Serving Tips
Drop ice to the bottom of a glass and pour the milk shake over it. You may also cut small pieces of mango and add to the drink.
You may also use the tinned mango pulp available in grocery stores instead of fresh mangoes to relish this drink off season.


Premalatha Aravindhan said...

Mango Milk Shake luks delicious...Iam not a gr8 fan of mangoes,After seeing the milk shake,feel to grab the glass...yummy! said...

Yummy and tasty so very refreshing.


Looks great and beautiful click too..

Anonymous said...

Perfect for a hot day!

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