Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celebrate the festive season with Nariyal Laddu

It's just the beginning of festive season for we Indians ..... Festivals are always associated with family get together, good food, new clothes, exchange of gifts, warm feelings .... it's just an never ending list of good things.

How much I miss all the fun and frolic in this far far land. But I have to stop complaining ..... especially with such nice friends around. They are family now....

Yesterday I was at Shruti's place. Like always I was shameless to explore her kitchen. Voila .... Nariyal Laddu !! She has a huge sweet tooth and is known for her sweet dishes ..... especially Nariyal ka laddu. Well I had hogged on Shruti's laddu's on several occasions .....but never ever did I care to get the recipe from her. Every time I would catch up with her I would praise her for the perfect laddus she makes and make a plea to make some for me.

Guess it was high time to put a full stop to my tantrums of asking her to prepare them for me. She passed me the recipe .....well I am happy and not so happy about it !! Happy because I can share the wonderful recipe with all of you ...... and not so happy because I may have to stop asking her to prepare laddus for me (now that I got the recipe I have to prepare it myself, no more excuses !!).

Thanks Shruti for the lovely Nariyal Laddu's. I would love to share her recipe with all of you ....... as this is just the beginning of good times !!

Preparation Time - 60 minutes

Whole Milk - 3 cups
Powder Sugar - 1 cup
Coconut Powder - 2.5 cups
Cardamom Powder - 1/2 tsp
Raisins - 2 tsp
Method of Preparation
1 Take a heavy bottom vessel. Heat the milk on medium heat for about 40 minutes stirring occasionally. Continue till the milk reduces to 1 cup.
2 Remove the milk from flame and keep aside to cool.
3 Mix the sugar, coconut powder , cardamom powder and raisins to the milk once it is cooled.
4 Grease your palms with little clarified butter (ghee) and prepare smooth balls by rolling between your palms.
5 Roll these balls on some dry coconut powder.
Make sure you add all the ingredients only after the milk cools down
You may add more raisins if you want to the mixture.
Other Names
Nariyal Laddu - Coconut Laddu, Cardamom - Elaichi

I am happy to send this to Festive Food - Rakhi


Sulagna Mukherjee Basu said...

Very nice recipe....Loved the photos,specially one with the rakhi :-)

Deepi's World said...

Laddu looks so nice...And I love the festiveness of the pictures you took...So yum yum!!

Guna's kitchen said...

Awesome clicks.. luks so delicious and good for this festival

Chetana Suvarna Ganatra said...

Hey Satrupa,
First time to ur wonderful page...these coconut laddoos r my hubs fav too, but I make it de cheats way, using condensed milk.
Will be bk for more recipes.

An Open Book said...

they look perfect..im sure they tasted awesime as well

Kairali sisters said...

Satrupa.coconut laddos looks so good da, Perfect and love the coclor, i cannot stop drooling here over the pictures...

Suja Sugathan said...

Loved those clicks..awesome.
ladoos are so tempting,drooling

Priya said...

Beautiful clicks, tempting and cute looking coconut laddoos..

Jay said...

Hy Satrupa,

Pass d plate plz...irresistable clicks...Hope you having a great time dear...:)

aipi said...

Coconut ladoos look so round n perfect..simply divine!!
Love the first click..very beautiful!!

Satya said...

coconut laddu looks so perfect n delicious ...those laddus r my favorite ...love those beautiful clicks too


Satrupa said...

Thanks to all of you for leaving those sweet words !
A BIGGGGG thanks to my friend Shruti for preparing those lovely laddus and sharing the recipe with us.

Cheers n Happy Cooking,

Ritu said...

Nariyal laddu is really amazing!! Very nice click Satrupa.

Ramya said...

First time here…you have a great blog here:-)
I am browsing thru your sweet tooth recipes and it makes me crave for sweets…oooooo[I have a super sweet tooth]

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