Thursday, August 19, 2010

When I went to the party ......

After a week long confusion of 'Should I wear this or that', I picked up a saree. I hate to admit it but I got influenced by my group of friends.I picked up the Kantha Stitch designer saree that I had bought during my last visit to Kolkata. It was a cream color one with motifs made in kantha work in red and black. My struggle with wearing the saree began in the morning. I draped it several times but it was far from perfection. At one point of time I was frustrated and thought of giving up my idea of wearing one. J was a silent spectator of all that drama that went on before the mirror that morning. I managed to wear it after a long tussle. At last we left for the Khanna's .

I carefully adjusted the pleats and the pallu of the saree trying to keep them in place as I sat in the car. It was for the n'th time since morning that I asked J, "how do I look". 'Darling you look gorgeous', it was his standard answer,he sounded like a tape recorder playing a recorded answer. Although I knew it was not true I still wanted to hear it. It was music to my ears.

I pulled out a small mirror from my handbag as if the rehearsal at home was not enough. I looked into it and adjusted my silver necklace and ear tops ........ It was no ordinary silver but antique. I had bought it from an exhibition held at "The Leela's" when I was at Bangalore. In short they were expensive and it was the perfect occasion to flaunt it! I asked J if my lipstick matched my saree and if my kohl laden eyes looked beautiful. I carefully examined my french manicured and pedicured nails. I was so self engrossed that I didn't realise that we were already at the Thali ...... our venue for the party.
I got down from the car trying to adjust my saree for the last time and cat walked towards the hall ....... felt like I walked on a ramp for Satya Paul or Rohit Bal.

The Khanna's - our host were already there. Mrs Khanna greeted me with a big Hiiiiiiiiii. She looked stunning in the black crepe saree. There were some familiar faces too. We exchanged sardonic smiles as we greeted each other. I was busy exhibiting my Kantha Stitch saree as I walked across the hall several times.

I heard a very familiar voice from behind ..... it was Kavita. She looked like she just came out of the sets of a Saas Bahu serial. A Bindi bigger than her forehead, flashy necklace with matching ear rings, bangles and a heavily embroidered saree. Sarita was also there.

The "gorgeous" ladies gathered around a corner. Then began the saga of never ending gossips. It started with who wore what and a round of praising each other and self praise. Soon the discussion moved on to the ever green topic of how the saas and bahus never get along, the latest fashion, hair styles, jewellery, movies, summer clearance sale ..... anything and everything imaginable (or unimaginable) on earth.

I was getting hungrier. My eyes wandered around the hall to check if food was getting served. Couple of minutes later Mrs Khanna came and lead everyone to the Buffet. The ladies gathered there like a swarm of bees. Everyone had their plates full as they walked back to gather at their favorite corner. I followed them not knowing where else to go. Soon the topic of discussion shifted from Saas Bahu to weight loss/ gain. Everyone gave their two pieces of mind as they hogged on the food. I ate till I burped !

Later the DJ played the music and the crowd danced away. There were prizes for the best dressed lady ... guess what Kavita received it !! I tried my luck with Bingo ..... with no luck at all.
We thanked the Khanna's for the lovely party as we left. On our way back began my endless post party gossip with J ....... who wore what, food, Mrs Khanna, Sarita, Kavita .... blah blah blah.

Note - This post is in continuation to my post Pre Party Talks . Again this is an honest endeavour to write short fictions.


Satya said...

nice party time ... its been a long time i went to a party ... next week there is one : ) ur post got me excited!!

Deepi's World said...

Good one!!

Kairali sisters said...

Had fun reading this satrupa.
You look so pretty in the new DP

Priya said...

Enjoyed reading..

An Open Book said...

well now im so tempted to see what the women were wearing :)

aipi said...

That was fun to read..GOOD ONE!!

Neeta said...

Good...I enjoyed to read this

Supriya said...

this dil wanted lil more -:)
I,not to be blamed...u urself hv raised the expectations..
Good piece though..

Padhu said...

Well written !! Do drop by
my space when u find time

Anju Rathore said...

You have got a nice talent of writing skills. These types of scenes are very common in all the parties but you have presented the scene very beautifully.

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