Thursday, December 6, 2012

NDTV Good Times Food Awards Special ..... Meet the Chef - Aditya Bal

A few days ago I got an invite to be a part of celebrating “The Perfect Recipe” as a part of NDTV Good Times Food Awards 2012 at the Le Meriden, Bangalore. 
And the cherry on the cake was getting a chance to interact with the famous Chef Aditya Bal of NDTV Good Times Chakh le India – Kacha Rasta fame.
A successful model and a self taught chef, Aditya loves to travel the path less traveled by and rediscover the various techniques of cooking in India. He is obsessive when it comes to cooking in all its forms. In a tete-e tete Aditya says that one needs to experiment with food and reinvent it till one arrives at the perfect recipe. Cooking is not just his new found love but his passion.

On the occasion of celebrating the perfect recipe Chef Aditya Bal stirred out three delicacies.
The first one was a Fried Alu Delhi Chaat a popular street food from Delhi. Aditya had his own twist to it by adding fresh cut apples to it. As he started stirring the various dishes the session got interactive where the chirpy chef was answering to various questions asked by the audience.
The second dish was “Doi Mach” a popular Bengali fish curry which is slow cooked using mustard oil, doi (curd) and sweet water fish fillets like Rohu. The curry had a very bold flavor due to the use of mustard oil and garam masala. Aditya did add his own twist to this traditional Bengali fish curry too.
The last dish was ‘Zafrani Pulao’ a traditional Rajasthani rice dish. The aroma of saffron infused milk, ghee, basmati rice and nuts intoxicated the entire place.
It was a great session learning directly from the Chef and improvising on the techniques we already knew.

They say "Never trust a skinny chef" But here that's not the case !


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Neela Manogar said...

Wonderful photos. Lovely message.

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I think its a real one Just Like a HERO for "Cooking" way...

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